“I will be purchasing this one, very effective in relaying the details of a life lost to mental illness. It made me angry that there seemed nothing could be done. I have mental illness in my family and so it was a very personal experience for me.”
– Andy | Winchester, VA

“This was such a powerful, devastating film. Sadly, what happened to Linda Bishop is not surprising. We have so very, very far to go as a society to address mental illness. As I watched, I kept having the same thought over and over: *we must end the stigma*. The reason nobody wants to admit they have a mental illness is because of the stigma. We’ve got to realize that the brain is an organ — the most complex organ, but an organ — and thus, mental health *is* physical health! Films like this are incredibly important in increasing awareness of mental health issues. The more we see, the more we talk, the more progress we make in treating mental illness like any other chronic illness, and removing the stigma and shame that are still attached to it.”
– Julie | Winchester, VA

“This was one of the best film club showings, well done movie as well as an important topic. It was also was probably the most disturbing for me. Watching her hand writing deteriorate felt like being there watching her die. This was the first movie that actually elicited a physical feeling for me, I actually felt sick during that period in the film.”
MK | Winchester, VA

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